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Our company was founded as Euro-Diesel in 1989 by a team of innovative engineers; specialists in critical power systems. A great deal has changed since then! We have evolved into a global partner securing ‘infinite’ power for businesses and industries across the globe from Hong Kong to Santiago de Chile, Frankfurt to Singapore.

One thing that will never change - start to finish - we are responsible for the Dynamic UPS solutions we offer and the commitments we make. As you navigate our new website, you will see why our customer base keeps growing. So, whether you are a potential customer, a business partner, or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together!

Our priority is the same as yours. Keeping your business up and running.

Our dynamic view on uninterrupted power

Trusted power

When the consequences of a loss of power are significant, it’s essential to partner with a company that is trusted for its engineering skills and customised solutions. KINOLT understands the risks our customers face and is committed to delivering robust uninterruptible power supply systems designed to withstand the most demanding power supply challenges.


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No one-size fits all

Design your UPS with our online Configurator

When it comes to uninterruptible power supply systems, no one-size fits all. If you are building a Tier 4 data centre or looking for a system for an ISO Class 5 cleanroom, your requirements will be fundamentally different. Each and every aspect should be taken into consideration in order to develop a Dynamic UPS configuration matching your needs. With the KINOLT Configurator you are now able to generate your own Dynamic UPS solution online!

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Proven engineerings skills and bespoke solutions

Trusted power is our promise to you

Experience has taken KINOLT across the globe designing, constructing and managing power infrastructures for numerous data centers, hospitals, critical manufacturing facilities and logistics companies. With over 30 years of practical knowledge at your disposal every KINOLT solution will be optimised to your power needs and project demands. From project start to finish – even when things get challenging - we stand by our customers’ side to ensure that nothing is left to coincidence.

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Your business up and running

Personal service without pause

Our commitment does not stop at designing and implementing your UPS solution. Our priority is the same as yours; to keep your business up and running. Our service network has dedicated resources available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As your UPS service partner, we will monitor and manage your system and be there for you whenever you need advice or spare parts.

Solutions that make a difference

Key KINOLT Sectors


Data centres

No e-mail for an hour can be quite frustrating. No access to stock trading systems for less than a minute can ruin companies. See how we keep these zettabytes flowing in data centres around the world, 24/7, no matter what happens around them…

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Critical Process Manufacturing

Critical process manufacturing

When even a millisecond of power outage can make entire production batches worthless, downtime is an absolute no-go. Let us demonstrate how our Dynamic UPS solutions have enabled manufacturing companies to eliminate the risk of power outages…

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Even the best-managed and smoothest running infrastructure systems are adversely affected, when faced with power outages or out of tolerance events. See why a KINOLT Dynamic UPS system is the optimal choice for keeping airports, tunnels, railways and road traffic control centres operational.

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The need for a stable, uninterruptible power supply in hospitals and ER centres is a pre-requisite for both new and upgraded facilities. Our Dynamic UPS healthcare solutions show how we help keep patients, staff and sensitive equipment safe from the dangers resulting from poor quality incoming mains power and power outages.

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Infinite back-up power supply

Want to know more about Dynamic UPS?

Dynamic UPS is an uninterruptible back-up power supply driven by kinetic energy and electrical rotating machines providing the output voltage.

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We go where our customers go

Get energised. Come and meet KINOLT!

We thrive on a powerful network across the globe. Come and meet us for a chat or an event near you. No matter where you are located, KINOLT will stand by your side.

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Empower our international team

Interested in a dynamic career at KINOLT? Join our international team and submit your application. We look forward to welcoming you!

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