We stand by your side. All the way.

In an industry where power outage is not an option, where reliable power control is absolutely mission critical, understanding the needs of our customers and their reality is not only important, it’s a necessity.

Over the past decades our company has evolved into a global partner securing infinite power to major businesses and industries across the globe. However, in essence we have remained close to our origins and we believe that our service should be as personal as possible. We deliver partnership, loyalty and personal dedication.

Not only are we known for the unmatched reliability of our process and our products, we are also dedicated to the people we work for and cherish the partnerships we have established.

From project start to finish – even when things get tricky (and we know they do), we stand by our customers’ side to ensure that nothing is left to coincidence. We are responsible for the solutions we offer and the deliveries we make. One single customer contact will be assigned to your account and will be at your service at all times.

we stand by your side to ensure that nothing is left to coincidence

A partnership of dedication and commitment

KINOLT believes in keeping lines of communications short which is why you will never be connected to an outsourced call centre, but get to speak to a KINOLT trained employee.

First-hand knowledge is essential in dealing with our engineered solutions and you can expect a KINOLT factory trained employee on site, should this be necessary.

Carefully selected distributors and agents receive extensive training before receiving their official KINOLT dealership certificate.

KINOLT solutions allow you to concentrate on expanding your business. Rental programs are available for KINOLT KS® systems and can grow organically with your company.

Your KINOLT KS® system will be remotely monitored and any incident will be noticed by KINOLT, making it more likely that KINOLT will be contacting you than the other way around.

Additional lifecycle management programs on all KINOLT installed equipment include a preventive maintenance program, predictive inspections, upgrades and on-site health and safety inspections. Not only will KINOLT exceed your expectations, it will give you peace of mind and TRUSTED POWER.

In a partnership of dedication and commitment KINOLT ensures reliable power protection that rivals the best in the world.


Life extension

The KINOLT life extension Program is more than a general overhaul of changing bearings and brush up components of the kinetic energy accu; it goes well beyond that. KINOLT offers an upgrade of the controls system...

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Life cycle maintenance

The existing KINOLT maintenance program was limited and based on a 10-year rotation. Informing clients about planned preventive maintenance is only one of the ways KINOLT helps in planning and budgeting for integrated operation and maintenance strategies of your business.

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Beyond the standard

KINOLT offers an independent audit of your systems and their integration to identify weak points. Tailormade solutions will be made based on KINOLT’s findings and include refurbishments and upgrades.

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