Specialist in UPS

Powering a dynamic world

supports critical applications around the globe in a wide spectrum of industries, businesses and professions. Dynamic solutions are in our DNA; we are specialists in the UPS world and have been for decades. Here we give an insight into how our technology is being utilised worldwide:

Rest assured

Data centres

KINOLT not only ensures availability, resilience and robustness of your power supply, adding true value to your business, but also strives to be your genuine partner. Keeping your data flowing, so you can rest assured.

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Critical Process Manufacturing
Interruptions are not an option

Critical process manufacturing

Time lost to re-start the production line and production rejects due to power interruptions can be a costly affair. Therefore trusted power supply is vital to almost every manufacturing facility across the pharmaceutical, chemical and life sciences industries. KINOLT solutions are specifically designed for production lines and their safety measures and offers a wide range of advantages.

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Safety first


KINOLT understands that avoiding danger when dealing with the general public, should always be priority number one. Making sure all traffic flows safely, especially in the event of a power malfunction or outage, is a serious responsibility.

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In perfect health


We see it as our driving force to keep your surgical facilities, care units, diagnostic devices, monitors and information systems powered. Whether in acute or long-term care, KINOLT solutions will help your healthcare facility to put the focus on patients, giving them the best possible treatment and care they need.

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