Critical process manufacturing

Downtime is never an option

Every business needs to establish how it will be affected when it suffers a power outage. What the true costs and implications are for itself, employees, customers and potentially its reputation. An unstable power supply can lead to situations from which it may be difficult to recover: interrupted production runs, wastage; process restart costs, equipment damage, missed deadlines and data loss, which in turn all lead to financial ripples. Preparation is the only way to mitigate the risk including having the right UPS technology and partner in place.

KINOLT Dynamic UPS is used by many leading pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, semi-conductor, electronics, mining & processing, printing & media, plastics & textiles, life sciences and bio-medical companies across the globe.

The KINOLT KS® range is specifically designed to protect any industry with a critical process from downtime resulting from an unstable power supply.

Add value to your business

How will Dynamic UPS add value to your business?

  • Reduce the risk of environmental incidents
  • Avoid costs associated with unplanned downtime
  • Ensure protracted restart processes are avoided
  • Mitigate the risk of equipment damage

Dynamic UPS investment due diligence – the points you need to consider:

  • Is a downtime event recoverable?
  • What degree of power quality is required to ensure process continuity?
  • Can your product quality and quality of data acquisition still be guaranteed?
  • Are internal and external supply commitments impacted?
  • What is the revenue and EBITDA impact of an outage?

KINOLT KS® advantages


Say goodbye to downtime

The KINOLT KS® is a UPS system operating at the top of its game. It conditions your power supply, stabilises the voltage, filters harmonic distortion, improves the power factor and protects you against voltage spikes. Its resilient and robust design meets the highest industry standards. In short, your production uptime will be maximised putting you in the best position to meet your corporate commitments.


Load handling

It excels at handling industrialised loads, such as, motors, compressors, transformers and variable speed drives. Its rotating synchronous machine is sized to maintain a consistent output voltage during high motor starting currents.


Power conditioning

In conditioning mode, the synchronous alternator combined with the uniquely designed choke coil interfaces with the mains supply, filtering out any spikes and transients to the critical load. The system also eliminates micro-cuts, reduces the harmonics distortion and improves the power factor to almost unity. As a result, the system delivers a perfect sinewave to the critical load.



Reducing energy drawn from the grid at peak times is called peak shaving. Peak shaving can realise a range of benefits when it coincides with grid peak demand and therefore peak electricity prices. Reducing usage at peak times, can enable you to stay below your contracted energy supply demand limit as well as allowing you to optimise network and tariff costs.


Medium Voltage KINOLT KS®

When operating multiple systems in parallel a limitation comes from the increasing currents. This can easily be overcome by increasing voltage to 3, 6, 13, or 22 kV, for example.MV systems are the perfect solution when large distribution distances must be covered. Installation space and costs can be saved by replacing large amounts of low voltage cabling by a medium voltage distribution system. Subject to your site infrastructure and load requirements, the KINOLT KS® can be designed as a low or medium voltage system.