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Data centres are a keystone to the modern world. KINOLT understands the strategic importance of the industry and how fundamental it is to our daily lives, economy and social interaction. Our collaborative, long-term, approach ensures we work closely with our clients to understand their immediate and longer-term requirements; developing solutions which can grow organically with their business.

KINOLT technicians and engineers are passionate about what they do, drawing on their inherent and collective experience. Our skilled professionals are experts in all matters relating to electrical systems and Uptime Institute Tier topologies. KINOLT has been selected for use at many Tier accredited data centres around the world.

Adding value to your business

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Each data centre is unique, but all have some fundamental design elements which need to be considered:

  • Ensuring the lowest CapEx for stakeholders: KINOLT KS® have class leading cost per installed KVA ratios for medium to large data centres
  • High OpEx must not over-balance low CapEx; total cost of ownership is often the real number
  • Corporate, Modular, Edge or Hyper-scale data centres KINOLT offers a solution designed with you in min
  • Rapid deployment once anchor tenant secured; KINOLT offer FastTrack standard modules
  • Integral plant room or containerised solutions?
  • Building space-saving or white space creation? KINOLT KS® offer the smallest footprint
  • Low Voltage or Medium Voltage?

Of course, these are only high-level considerations. There are many more aspects which will influence the overall design. That is why we have dedicated data centre specialists with proven track records of designing scalable solutions. A good fit now and in the future.

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KINOLT KS® advantages

Robust and resilient design

Keep connected

KINOLT KS®: ready to defy any power outage.

Its robust and resilient design and low component count ensure enviable reliability beyond batteries, which still account for 29% of UPS associated failures. Operational longevity is key to our design philosophy. KINOLT KS®: 25-year+ design life potential and class leading MTBF figures.

Small footprint – great fit

Maximise IT space - greater revenue and profitability

A low component count does not just ensure improved reliability, it results in a particularly compact design. The comparative footprint saving between a KINOLT KS® and battery-based technologies is typically 40%; facilitating lower property and construction costs and maximised white space for your revenue-driving functions.

Natural ventilation

High Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)*

Designed to operate effectively and efficiently, KINOLT KS® solutions aim for a PUE factor close to 1. Natural ventilation and a battery free design mean that KINOLT KS® do not require the air-conditioning units that are necessary to stabilise battery rooms and maximise battery life; elements which significantly impact efficiency and PUE.

* PUE = A measurement of the data centre’s power usage efficiency. It is derived from the formula: PUE = Total power supplied to a data centre / Total power used for IT equipment.

Dedicated to your success

Customer Service

Proactive preventative maintenance programs, readily accessible spare parts and ongoing monitoring of the equipment ensure minimal downtime. Always available and dedicated to your success; it’s our business to keep your business up and running.

KINOLT provides service and support for its customers across the globe. We are at your service wherever your journey takes you…