Keeping your power supply in perfect health

In the healthcare sector, an uninterruptible power supply can be a matter of life and death. Literally. Just imagine the impact of a power outage or malfunctioning electrical systems that prevent operating rooms and incubators from working. Something you don’t even want to contemplate. Therefore, we see it as our driving force to keep your surgical facilities, care units, diagnostic devices, monitors and information systems powered. Whether in acute or long-term care, Kinolt solutions will help your healthcare facility to put the focus on patients, giving them the best possible treatment and care they need.

Keeping your power supply in perfect health, KINOLT KS® offers a wide range of advantages.

KINOLT KS® advantages


Say goodbye to downtime

The KINOLT KS® is always ready to take over because of its smart electromagnetic clutch system – even if the conventional starting system is out of service. The resilience of the KINOLT KS® helps achieve a close to zero downtime and the recommended overhaul interval is 2-3 times longer than that of any other available UPS system. In short, your healthcare facility will always be up and running.


Smaller footprint

The component count and monobloc structure give the KINOLT KS® an especially compact design, reducing its footprint to 50% which happens to be the smallest in the market. This means more room for your patients, defying the space constraints often dealt with by metropolitan facilities and lowering construction and property costs.

Lower TCO_icon

Lower TCO

The high-power efficiency of KINOLT KS® allows you to keep electricity costs to a minimum and rules out the need for air-conditioned rooms running 24/7 in order to cool batteries. KINOLT KS® offers 40% lower total cost of ownership through reduced CAPEX and OPEX.


Optimal sustainability

KINOLT KS® will give you optimal sustainability as it prevents the waste of used heavy lead-acid batteries. Additionally, the technology’s efficiency reduces the draining of energy from the main grid, making it the more eco-friendly and economic solution.


Ease of use

The KINOLT KS® user-friendly interface makes it very easy to operate, allowing you to also monitor the performance of your critical power network online.


Dedicated service

We share your passion for diagnostics, prevention and problem solving. That’s how regular preventive maintenance programs, local spare parts and ongoing monitoring of the equipment ensure a minimal downtime. Always available, we make it our business to keep your healthcare facility up and running round the clock.