A powerful track record

Our legacy of innovation

1984 Conception of the first NO-BREAK KS® where the initial design was based on an energy accu consisting of a single, electrical machine with two rotors test
1986 Launch of the first NO-BREAK KS®1
First delivery of the NO-BREAK KS®1 for Léopold II road tunnel in the heart of Brussels (300 kVA & 500 kVA)
4 of such machines had faithfully worked for 17 years for this tunnel, before being replaced with a more powerful system -- the NO-BREAK KS®5 -- in 2003
1988 Launch of the first NO-BREAK KS®2
First delivery of the NO-BREAK KS®2 for Cegeka in Hasselt (700 kVA, a KS-SB system)
1989 Establishment of EURO-DIESEL SA in Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium
Establishment of EURO-DIESEL (UK) Ltd in Cirencester, UK
1990 Acquisition of DIESEL-ELECTRIC SA, a company created in 1976 for the conception, fabrication and maintenance activities of Generator-Sets
1999 Development of high-powered systems and the technology of NO-BREAK KS®5
Launch of the first NO-BREAK KS®5
First delivery of the NO-BREAK KS®5 for Telewest in the U.K. (1700 kVA)
2002 Establishment of GSA/EURO-DIESEL GmbH (today KINOLT GmbH) in Neuss, Germany, and acquisition of GSA ELEKTRO-AGGREGATE GmbH., a company created in 1969 for the conception, fabrication of Generator-Sets.
Acquisition of ENERGETRA SA in Alleur, Belgium
2007 Establishment of SENERDYS SAS (today KINOLT SAS) in France
EURO-DIESEL (UK) Ltd becomes 100% owned by EURO-DIESEL SA
Establishment of E1 DYNAMICS Inc in Montgomery, Texas, US
First delivery of the NO-BREAK KS®, at 2000 kVA capacity, to Global Switch in the U.K.
2008 First delivery of the NO-BREAK KS®5 with integrated HMI control, the KS-VISION®
2009 Establishment of EURO-DIESEL Ptd Ltd in Singapore
First delivery of the NO-BREAK KS®-SB with a total ouput of 2500kVA, equipped with the latest MTU 20V engine
20th Anniversary celebration and Inauguration of new facility
Launch of the new 2500kVA (50Hz) / 3000kVA (60Hz) NO-BREAK KS® Single Output Systems
2010 First delivery of the new 2500kVA (50Hz) Single Ouput System (3 units) to a data center facility in the UK.
2011 Establishment of EURO-DIESEL Ltda in São Paulo, Brazil
Establishment of EURO-DIESEL LLC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2012 Establishment of EURO-DIESEL Turkey, in Ankara
2013 Establishment of EURO-DIESEL Russia, in Moscow
2014 Launch of the next generation D-UPS system, the NO-BREAK KS®7e
2017 Establishment of EURO-DIESEL Chile, in Santiago
2018 Establishment of EURO-DIESEL HK, in Hong Kong
2019 Launch of the new global company name KINOLT